Ford Wireless Technology


Ford is using the latest research from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University to advance Ford wireless technology in future vehicles. The large-scale research project, performed jointly by Ford and St. Petersburg, was aimed at improving vehicle technologies and utilized the university’s expertise in space robot communications. Ford has filed several patents based on the results of the research that will help to develop the technology in connected cars.

The research project developed a prototype for a data communication system that collected data from moving vehicles “using a variety of capabilities for a connection to the cloud—cellular, Wi-Fi, and communication with other vehicles.” Researches used an algorithm to select the most viable type of connection and plotted the degrees of connectivity on a map. From here they sent information about road emergencies to drivers in areas where connection was shoddy.

In the future they hope to develop a map that will be constantly updated with current connectivity and will “act as a database for smart roads and smart city projects.”