Best Podcasts For A Road Trip

Road Trip

Thinking about taking a road trip? Even with the most interesting company, and the most interesting scenery, you are going to need a little entertainment. We’ve compiled some of the best podcasts for a road trip to help!

The Partially Examined Life

Fancy yourself a deep thinker? Let’s be honest. A road trip is complete without some sort of superficial, pseudo-philosophical ramblings. Let The Partially Examined Life help ignite the conversation. Choosing a brief philosophical text, the narrators then rap on it in a way that is easy to understand.

The Heart

If you happen to be road tripping with your significant other, The Heart can be a great way to enhance your bond. This podcast is all about the beauty of love and romance.

You Made It Weird

Host and comedian Pete Holmes somehow manages to get other comedians and entertainers to talk about the least-talked about parts of their lives, strange habits, family life, religion etc. The result is a fascinating, and oftentimes hilarious, close-up look at what are really everyday people.

Ask Me Another

Are you the kind of person that thrives on puzzles and other sorts of challenging mind games? Ask Me Another presents games like these in an entertaining and interactive way.

Although all of these podcasts are great for a road trip, don’t overdo it. Podcasts are meant to enhance your trip, not be your trip.