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Welcome to Mangold Ford’s new blog! Here, you will find news about the Automotive industry, updates, pictures, funny facts and even quizzes! You will also find news on things outside of the industry like holidays, history, and even events happening around here so stay tuned and check back regularly for a fun reader experience!

Here at Mangold Ford, we have been serving our customers with honesty and integrity for over 50 years. We full-heartedly believe in being honest, and caring about our customers. We let the Ford brand do the talking and we here at Mangold Ford, do the walking. We walk beside our customers in their car buying journey – trust us, you’ll notice the difference!

Come on in today to Mangold Ford in Eureka, Illinois and let us prove to you how our way of doing things is the right way.



June Is National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Spring and summer are kitten season across the country. This means animal shelters become inundated with thousands of new kittens in addition to the cat population they already house. With this influx, shelters need loving families to adopt cats, which is why June is recognized as National Adopt-a-Cat Month.

If you’ve been considering adding a fuzzy lap companion to your family, consider adopting a new cat this month.

Here are some tips from the American Humane Association on adopting a cat.

  • Find a cat that clicks with your personality.
  • Consider adopting two felines so your cats will have company when you’re not home.
  • Give your new cat time and space to adjust to its new family.
  • Cat-proof your home. Don’t leave food out on the counter and pick up any loose items a cat might chew on. Get rid of any plants that may be hazardous to a cat’s health.

Once you’re prepared to add a cat to your house, visit a local shelter like the Peoria Humane Society to find a new furry friend. Or you can use sites like Petfinder to search for specific cat criteria. Either way, you’ll be heading home with a purr-fect new companion.

Will you be adding a cat or two to your family this month?