Halloween Safety Tips

October has finally arrived, which means we’re just a few short weeks away from a child-favorite holiday: Halloween. Kids and cars will be out in droves on trick-or-treat night, so here are some Halloween safety tips from us here at Mangold Ford to make this upcoming holiday one to remember.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are the backbone to enjoying trick-or-treat night. Uncomfortable shoes, such as those that are part of a costume, will lead to misery on all parts. Most parents don’t want to carry their young child from house to house as they collect that sweet candy. Forego the princess slippers and stick with a comfortable pair of shoes that the kids can run around in for hours on end.

Avoid Masks

Masks may look cool and seem like a necessity for every Halloween costume, but they have a few unfortunate side effects as well. Masks can reduce visibility and cut off air flow, either of which could quickly become a recipe for disaster. Avoid masks and use face paint or makeup instead.

Stay Warm

Halloween weather can vary, but don’t underestimate the potential cold chill of fall. Dress warmly if the weather calls for it. Don’t forget that you could be walking from house to house for a couple hours! You can always take your jacket off if you get too warm.

Here at Mangold Ford, we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!

Head to Taste of Peoria at Riverfront Park

Peoria, Illinois has celebrated the annual Taste of Peoria event 36 years in a row; the festival brings out local restaurants, bakeries, bars, and similar businesses so that guests can sample all the delicious fare the Peoria area has to offer. Admission is only $2 a person, giving visitors access to the unique “Block Party” atmosphere the event seeks to emulate through its inclusion of great food and a scenic location right at Peoria Riverfront Park.

Over 80 different food items from local restaurants will be available, along with live music acts including the Stone Cold Cowboys and United Groove Theory. The gate opens as early as 4 PM, but the event continues until late that evening, ending at 11 PM. New restaurants this year include Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, Avanti Ristorante, and Table 19 at Hotel Pere Marquette. To accommodate those commuting by car, there will be a shuttle bus to and from the event.

There will be four different booths onsite at Taste of Peoria through which guests will be able to purchase tokens; they can use these tokens to buy food from the vendors. Here at Mangold Ford, we are proud that our community is filled with awesome food to eat, so come on down to the 36th Annual Taste of Peoria to experience it for yourself.

Head to Tawny Oaks Field Station for Birdwatching

We’re in the full swing of spring with summer coming up fast, which means it’s prime time for birdwatching. The Singing Woods Nature Preserve is located in the Peoria Parks District, which is packed with tons of wildlife and views of nature, and if you head to the Tawny Oaks Field Station soon, you’ll be able to join the park for its Songbird Mania event–all residents of the Peoria area are invited to come and revel in the pristine, untouched scenery of the nearby preserve.

The official date for the Songbird Mania event is May 20, but you can go any time during the next few months to experience the beauty of central Illinois’s native songbirds. Park officials recommend that visitors show up in the morning around 9:30 a.m. in order to get the most out of the day. Plus, if you get tired of birdwatching, the Tawny Oaks Field Station is a new facility that provides prairie restoration, restrooms, a handicap-accessible trail, and the entrance into the Singing Wood Nature Preserve’s trail system.

A few more tips: the area along the creek off Ivy Lake Road is a hot spot for migratory birds. Spring is excellent for spotting warblers, while summer offers several species of woodpeckers, owls, tanager, waterthrush, and more. Head to Tawny Oaks Field Station near us here at Mangold Ford for an experience out in the wilderness that you won’t forget.

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

snow - Eureka, IL
Make friends with the snow this winter!

Winter is one of the harshest seasons of the year but it doesn’t have to trap you indoors this year! There are plenty of activities for kids and adults to take part in outdoors. Bundle up and head out for a good old fashioned snowball fight. Here are a few fun outdoor winter activities recommended by us here at Mangold Ford. Stay warm out there!

  • Ice Skating – Ice skating is a fantastic winter pastime and, if you’re lucky enough to have a lake or pond near you, is affordable for most families. Take the kids out to the rink and teach them to hit the ice. They could find a new hobby they’ll love well into adulthood!
  • Painting – Painting is an activity you can do both inside and out. Snow painting, however, generally requires you to be outside. Take the kids, give them a spray bottle full of colored water and let them paint the yard! Add the desired food coloring to the water to create a rainbow the entire neighborhood will envy.
  • Shoveling – When all else fails, give back to the community by shoveling everything. Clear sidewalks, uncover driveways, and clear the area in front of local businesses. Making it easier for people to get around is a great thing to do during winter!