2015 Ford F-150 Wins Altair Enlighten Award


The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 has just been honored with the Altair Enlighten Award. This award, given out by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), recognizes vehicles that use lightweight materials to minimize their weight.

Ford engineers were able to shed 700 pounds off the curb weight of the F-150 by using lightweight, military-grade aluminum in the body along with high-strength steel in the frame.

“We are excited to present Ford with the 2015 Altair Enlighten Award,” said Dave Mason, Vice President of Global Automotive at Altair, in a statement. “The judges recognized Ford’s best-in-class innovation with the company’s approach to weight reduction by incorporating advanced materials and design technologies for the F-150.”

While you might think a lighter truck would be less powerful or even less safe, the 2015 F-150 boasts best-in-class towing, payload, and EPA-estimated fuel efficiency. It has also earned a five-star overall crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for all cab configurations.

Want to see what else the 2015 Ford F-150 has to offer? Come check it out at Metro Ford.

Great Golf Courses near Eureka, Illinois


August is recognized as National Golfing Month, so we give you permission to use that as an excuse to go hit the links. Pack up your golf clubs—they’ll fit in the back of your F-150 or in the trunk of your Fusion—and head to one of these golf courses near Eureka.

  • Kaufman Park Golf Course. Located right here in Eureka, this golf course offers 18 holes with affordable rates. It is the perfect place for beginners and those who love to golf for the fun of it.
  • Metamora Fields Golf Club. Less than 15 minutes away in Metamora is this beautiful course. Play 18 holes on this wonderfully manicured course. It also features a large clubhouse and restaurant.
  • Quail Meadows. Just 10 minutes to the west of Eureka in Washington is the Quail Meadows course. In addition to a great 18-hole course, it also offers a driving range and an indoor golfing center with a realistic golf simulator experience.
  • Hillcrest Event Center. Located in nearby Orion, this champion executive golf course offers 9 holes. It is a great course for perfecting your skills and providing a challenge for experienced golfers.

What are your favorite golf courses near Eureka to spend an afternoon?

Ford Carbon Fiber Wheels are First of Their Kind

Ford engineers have made some groundbreaking new upgrades to make Ford vehicles stand out above the rest. Recently, the company developed the first mass produced carbon fiber wheels, a high-strength lightweight alternative to steel and aluminum. Believe it or not, these wheels are up to 60 lbs lighter than aluminum alloys.

According to Ford, the Ford carbon fiber wheels were developed specially for the new Shelby Mustang GT350R model, but will eventually be offered for most of the lineup. Each wheel is specially coated in ceramic plasma for extra protection, a process used by NASA on space shuttles.

“The GT350R wheels and tires were developed to be the most track-capable parts we’ve ever produced,” said Adam Wirth, chassis supervisor for Ford Performance. “The carbon fiber wheels reduce vehicle weight by 60 pounds compared to aluminum, yet are stiffer for better steering response.”

Why carbon fiber? In the past, carbon fiber was hard to make and especially expensive for cars; however, thanks to a recent partnership with a carbon fiber supplier, Ford can now make carbon fiber cheaper and in larger quantities than ever. We can’t see what the innovative engineers at Ford come up with next.

Air Conditioning vs. Windows Down: Which is More Efficient?


Sometimes when it’s warm outside, all people want to do is get cool as fast as possible. Believe it or not, driving with your air conditioner on can be more efficient than driving with your windows down, depending on the situation, and vice versa. We’ve decided to shed some light on the classic air conditioning vs. windows down debate.

According to Discovery, context is everything. Determining which method is better means looking at efficiency and drag. Using the air conditioner will lower your car’s efficiency because it takes power away from the engine. Though it varies from model to model, having the A/C on generally reduces efficiency by a whopping 10%.

When considering your windows, drag is everything. Most vehicles are incredibly aerodynamic – with the windows up. That means at high speeds, having your windows down could increase drag substantially. When on the highway, having all your windows down could increase drag, ergo reducing efficiency by more than 15%.

So which is better? When driving at low speeds, roll your windows down. In town, you probably won’t notice much of a difference. On the highway, sticking to the A/C may actually save you money in the long run.

Ford Sponsors an Honor Flight for Louisville Veterans

The National World War II Memorial officially opened in 2004. Unfortunately, this was nearly 59 years after the war ended, meaning many of the war’s veterans had already passed away or were getting to an age where travel was difficult. With this in mind, retired Air Force captain Earl Morse started the Honor Flight program.

This program sends World War II veterans to Washington DC so they can visit the memorial that was created in their honor. The trip is provided free of charge to the veterans.

Earlier this month, Ford sponsored an Honor Flight for Louisville veterans. The flight sent about 70 veterans who were all in their eighties and nineties to DC. They were greeted at the memorial by Ford employees and member of Congress. This is the third year in a row Ford has sponsored an Honor Flight for Louisville veterans.

“The service and bravery of these soldiers more than 70 years ago will never be forgotten,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services, in a statement. “This will be the first visit for many of them to the national memorial dedicated in their honor. It is a small, but important gesture to recognize their tremendous courage.”

In addition to supporting the Honor Flight program, Ford and the Ford Fund have provided more than $8 million to veterans’ organization since 1974.

Here at Mangold Ford, we are proud to be a part of an organization that works hard to support our honored veterans.

Mangold Ford Welcome Post!

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June Is National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Spring and summer are kitten season across the country. This means animal shelters become inundated with thousands of new kittens in addition to the cat population they already house. With this influx, shelters need loving families to adopt cats, which is why June is recognized as National Adopt-a-Cat Month.

If you’ve been considering adding a fuzzy lap companion to your family, consider adopting a new cat this month.

Here are some tips from the American Humane Association on adopting a cat.

  • Find a cat that clicks with your personality.
  • Consider adopting two felines so your cats will have company when you’re not home.
  • Give your new cat time and space to adjust to its new family.
  • Cat-proof your home. Don’t leave food out on the counter and pick up any loose items a cat might chew on. Get rid of any plants that may be hazardous to a cat’s health.

Once you’re prepared to add a cat to your house, visit a local shelter like the Peoria Humane Society to find a new furry friend. Or you can use sites like Petfinder to search for specific cat criteria. Either way, you’ll be heading home with a purr-fect new companion.

Will you be adding a cat or two to your family this month?