Ford-Lyft Partnership to Bring Autonomous Cars to the Road

Self-driving cars are on the horizon as many automakers aim to release autonomous technology to the masses within the next decade. Ford is looking to be on the forefront in every way possible, and recently joined forces with Lyft to dominate American roads. The Ford-Lyft partnership will bring self-driving cars to the road in droves.

The Ford-Lyft partnership will allow the automaker’s autonomous technology to communicate with the ride-sharing app. Ford’s Vice President for Autonomous Vehicles, Sherif Marakby, who used to work for Uber, stated that the partnership will add thousands of self-driving cars to the fleet.

Autonomous vehicles and Lyft’s ride-sharing service could go hand-in-hand. The combination could allow vehicles to quickly dispatch and pick up passengers as quickly and safely as possible. There’s no word on which cities will see the self-driving cars take to their streets just yet.

The Ford-Lyft partnership is just the latest evidence that the American automaker is putting its self-driving technology to the test. Ford also partnered with Domino’s to test an autonomous pizza delivery service in Michigan.

We here at Mangold Ford can’t wait to see what the latest Ford-Lyft partnership has in store for the future of autonomous vehicles!

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