Windshield Cleaning Tips for When Bugs Just Don’t Come Off

windshield cleaning tips

Nothing is more frustrating than coming back from the carwash with dried bugs still stuck to your windshield. The bane of detailers everywhere, insects can not only create a mess, but they can also affect visibility if they accumulate on your windshield. Plus, if you drive long distances, it can be particularly difficult to get them off. Here are windshield cleaning tips to help leave your car’s windshield spotless.

According to Tips.Net, there are some household cleaners that may do the trick. For example, you can make a paste out of baking soda and apply it to the windshield. Simply mix baking soda with water, let it dry on the glass, and wipe off with warm water. Avoid getting the baking soda on the paint, as this may cause damage.

Some detailers suggest degreaser for bugs that leave residue. This is best for the smudges that don’t just seem to come off, especially from particularly juicy bugs. WD-40 makes a special degreaser (make sure you don’t accidently get the lubricant), while companies like Simple Green make less volatile solutions.

For bugs that simply won’t come off, olive oil may do the trick. The oil works best if you soak a rag in it and vigorously wipe the window. The oil will make your car dirty, so it’s best to do this before you head to the car wash. However, when you’re done, your windshield should be clean.

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