Car Terms Defined: What Is the Difference Between Coupes and Sedans?


When shopping for a new car, you’ve probably heard several terms thrown around. However, do you know what they all mean? What’s the difference between coupes and sedans? The words “coupe” and “sedan” are frequently used to distinguish between two types of cars, despite the fact most people think they’re the same thing.

According to Automoblog, the easiest answer is that a coupe has two doors and a sedan has four doors. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, many manufacturers have started using new nomenclatures, including phrases like “four-door coupe” to let owners know what they’re really getting.

A coupe is usually a closed-body style that has two sets, or four seats (in a 2 x 2 configuration). To get technical, a coupe is a fixed-top car with less than 33 cu ft or rear interior volume, which is why people assume it has two doors.

A sedan is large closed-body car, which usually has five seats (in a 2 x 3 configuration). Alternatively, a sedan has more than 33 cu ft of rear interior volume. It is safe to say that sedans are almost always larger than a coupe.

What’s better? Depends on what you’re looking for. Sedans are good if you like more room. Coupe’s tend to be sporty, sleek, and/or more fuel efficient. Naturally, it varies from car to car, though, so stop by Mangold Ford for more information on specific models.

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