Christmas Travel Tips

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Thanksgiving has come and gone. Traveling to see family and friends for Christmas when it’s less than just a month later can be draining. There are things you can do to make your life a little easier in the coming weeks, especially if you’re traveling by plane. From us here at Mangold Ford to you, have a happier holiday with these Christmas travel tips!

  1. Follow the Rules. The TSA simply doesn’t care why your liquid is one ounce over the allowed amount. Rules are rules and exceptions are extremely rare, if they ever occur. To avoid getting caught up in the security line, print out a copy of the rules and check them as you pack. That way, you’ll pass through security smoothly and make it to your gate on time.
  2. Schedule Wisely. When arranging your flight, it may be beneficial to opt for an early morning or late flight. Crowds tend to gather during the middle of the day and throwing in flight delays certainly doesn’t help. You’ll also be more likely to get your desired seats.
  3. Use Online Resources. You can do more on the internet than just schedule your flight. You can also print boarding passes at home or on your smartphone. Save time by using your resources!

Of course, if you would prefer to avoid all of this hassle, come see us at Mangold Ford for the perfect road trip vehicle!

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