Fuel Economy Tips: Saving Gas in Cold Weather

Winter TiresGasoline is one of our biggest expenses as drivers, so it’s good to know how to beat our estimated mpg, especially in fall and winter. Saving gas in cold weather gets even harder, so follow these easy steps for a more efficient winter.

With cold weather sapping all the heat from your car and the air from your tires, the best thing you can do to avoid the drop in fuel efficiency is do your best to keep the car warm. Keep your vehicle in a garage if you have one, but don’t bother warming up the car for more than 30 seconds. There’s no benefit to leaving your car on for several minutes before you leave! It’s just a waste of gas.

As always, going the speed limit instead of over it will save gas, but this is especially true in winter. Clean snow and ice off your car before you take off, as extra weight on your car uses extra fuel. Finally, check your tire pressure regularly! Your pressure will decrease in winter, which also decreases fuel economy, so refill your tires whenever they’re low.

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